Wednesday, August 31st
(Main entrance)
Opening Session
Keynote Speech I
Chair: Stefan Biffl
Software Process Improvement Considered Obsolete: a Transition from Improvement-in-the-Large to Improvement-in-the-Small
Pekka Abrahamsson
(Room I-105)
Coffee Break
Keynote Speech II
Chair: A. Nunez
Multi-media Applications and Imprecise Computation
Melvin A. Breuer
CBSE Session I — Component Models and Technologies
Chair: Ivica Crnkovic
(Room B004)
Developing Content-Intensive Applications with XML Documents, Document Transformations and Software Components
José L. Sierra, Alfredo Fernández-Valmayor, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón, Antonio Navarro
Develop and Use Own Components Framework: Results and Expectations
Vladimir Lilov, Sylvia Ilieva
Towards a Components Grouping Technique within a Domain Engineering Process
Ana Paula Blois, Cláudia Werner, Karin Becker
SPPI Session I — Case Studies and Experiences
Chair: Stefan Biffl
(Room B007)
Processes Used during Software Integration — Experiences from Industry
Rikard Land, Ivica Crnkovic, Stig Larsson
The Impact of Process Workshop Involvement on the Use of an Electronic Process Guide: a Case Study
Nils Brede Moe, Torgeir Dingøsyr
The Introduction and Use of a Tailored Unified Process — A Case Study
Hans Westerheim, Geir Kjetil Hanssen
MMTC Session I — Quality of Service
Chair: Paul Mueller
(Room B005)
Improving the Admissibility of Flows with Bounded Arrivals and Bounded Delay Requirements in Rate-controlled Packet Networks
Slim Abdellatif, Guy Juanole
Virtual Dropping for Endpoint Admission Control
Torsten Braun, Matthias Scheidegger, Marco Studer
Using Distributed Admission Control to Support Multimedia Applications in MANET Environments
Carlos T. Calafate, Pietro Manzoni, Manuel P. Malumbres
(Room I-105)
Coffee Break
CBSE Session II — Component-based Modelling and Analysis
Chair: Kung-Kiu Lau
(Room B004)
Fine-grained Contract Negotiation for Hierarchical Software Components
Philippe Collet, Hervé Chang
Modelling of Input-Parameter Dependency for Performance Predictions of Component-Based Embedded Systems
Egor Bondarev, Peter de With, Michel Chaudron, Johan Musken
Analyzing Component-Based Systems Using the Self-Organizing Map
Heikki Verta
SPPI Session II — Design Quality
Chair: Gerhard Chroust
(Room B007)
Analyzing Software Architectures for Usability
Eelke Folmer, Jan Bosch
Design Failure Cost as a Measure of a Process Measurement System
Karl W. Wagner, Walter Dürr
Improvement of Design Specifications with Inspection and Testing
Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Biffl
MMTC Session II — Video Delivery
Chair: Markus Hillenbrand
(Room B005)
Distributed P2P Merging Policy to Decentralize the Multicasting Delivery
P. Hernández, A. Ripoll, R. Suppi, E. Luque
User Behaviour Analysis of a Video-On-Demand Service with a Wide Variety of Subjects and Lengths
M. Vilas, X.G. Pañeda, R. García, D. Melendi, V.G. García
A Hybrid Spatial-Temporal Fine Granular Scalable Coding for Adaptive QoS Internet Video
Chung-Ming Huang, Chung-Wei Lin
Special Session I — Next Generation of Web Computing
Chair: Konrad Klöckner
(Room B006)
PRIMI — An Open Platform for the Rapid and Easy Development of Instant Messaging Infrastructures
Tom Gross, Christoph Oemig
Evolution of Web Computing Systems: Experiences from Web-Portal Projects
Andreas Billig, Jan Gottschick, Kurt Sandkuhl
Interest Derivation Through Keywords
Michael Sonntag, Andreas Putzinger
A Toolbar for Efficient Interaction in Online Communities
Sabine Kolvenbach, Wolfgang Gräther, Konrad Klöckner
Thursday, September 1st
Keynote Speech III
Chair: Ivica Crnkovic
Components in Product Lines — The Next Steps
Rob van Ommering
Keynote Speech IV
Chair: L. Jozwiak
Design for Advanced Applications
Bernard Candaele
(Room I-105)
Coffee Break
Keynote Speech V
Chair: L. Jozwiak
Wireless Sensor Systems — Constraints and Future Prospect
Dirk Timmermann
CBSE Session III — CB Software Architecture
Chair: Zoran Kalafatic
(Room B004)
QoS-aware Mobile Middleware for Video Streaming
Sten L. Amundsen, Ketil Lund Carsten Griwodz, Pål Halvorsen
A Framework to Specify Incremental Software Architecture Transformations
Anne-Francoise Le Meur, Olivier Barais, Laurence Duchien
Enhancing the Management of a J2EE Application Server using a Component Based Architecture
Takoua Abdellatif-Berrayana
SPPI Session III — SPPI Methods
Chair: Erwin Grosspietsch
(Room B007)
RUPSec: Extending Business Modeling and Requirements Disciplines of RUP for Developing Secure Systems
Pooya Jaferian, Golnaz Elahi, Mohammad Reza, Ayatollahzadeh Shirazi, Babak Sadeghiyan
Software Security Analysis — Execution Phase Audit
Bengt Carlsson, Dejan Baca
Multi-level Configuration Management with Fine-grained Units
Tien N. Nguyen, Ethan V. Munson, John T. Boyland, Cheng Thao
MMTC Session III — Traffic Engineering / Accounting
Chair: Thomas Dreibholz
(Room B005)
Traffic Engineering from a Fiber To Service Area Access Network
Roberto García, Isabel Rodríguez, Víctor García, Xabiel G. Pañeda, David Melendi
A Model for User Based Traffic Accounting
Ge Zhang, Bernd Reuther
Network Traffic Analyzing and Monitoring Locations in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Tomi Räty, Jouko Sankala, Markus Sihvonen
Special Session II — Model Development Engineering I. Model-based/Component-based Development
Chair: Martin Törngren
(Room B006)
A Tool for Reliability and Availability Prediction
Anne Immonen, Antti Niskanen
UML-based Design of Network Processor Applications
A. Bertolino, G. De Angelis, R. Mirandola
Component Based vs. Model Based Development: A Comparison in the Context of Vehicular Embedded Systems
Martin Törngren, DeJiu Chen, Ivica Crnkovic
(Room I-105)
Coffee Break
CBSE & SPPI Session IV — Component Classifications and Ontologies
Chair: Massimo Tivoli
(Room B004)
QoSOnt: a QoS Ontology for Service-Centric Systems
Glen Dobson, Russell Lock, Ian Sommerville
A Taxonomy of Software Component Models
Kung-Kiu Lau, Zheng Wang
Component Assessment Metrics for CBSE
Miguel Goulão, Fernando Abreu
MMTC Session IV — Services
Chair: Andreas Meissner
(Room B005)
The Mobile Telecommunications Industry: the Competition Under the Hypothesis of Price Discrimination Strategy
Livio Cricelli, Francesca Di Pillo, Massimo Gastaldi, Nathan Levialdi
Nested Uniform Resource Identifiers
Manuel Uruña, David Larrabeiti
Voice over IP — Considerations for a Next Generation Architecture
Markus Hillenbrand, Joachim Götze, Paul Müller
Special Session III — Model Development Engineering II — Modelling and Tools
Chair: Marcus Alanen
(Room B006)
A Model and Tool Integration Platform for Multi-Disciplinary Development
Jad El-khoury, Ola Redell, Martin Tørngren
Model Interchange Using OMG Standards
Marcus Alanen, Ivan Porres
20:00Conference Dinner
Friday, September 2nd
CBSE Session V — Dependable Component-based Systems
Chair: Michel Chaudron
(Room B004)
Software Component Certification: a Survey
Alexandre Álvaro, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Sílvio Romero de Lemos Meira
Surviving Errors in Component-Based Software
Titos Saridakis
Robocop: A Robust Component Model for Resource Constrained Devices
Hugh Maaskant (Invited Speaker)
SPPI Session V — Agile Methods
Chair: Rudolf Ramler
(Room B007)
From Agile Software Development to Agile Businesses
Christoph Steindl
Agile Procurement: New Acquisition Approach to Agile Software Development
Diane Jamieson, Kevin Vinsen, Guy Callender
Naked Objects versus Traditional Mobile Platform Development: A Comparative Case Study
Heikki Keränen, Pekka Abrahamsson
MMTC Session V — Architectures
Chair: Ge Zhang
(Room B005)
RSerPool a Protocol for Fault-tolerant Session Layer
Thomas Dreibholz, Erwin P. Rathgeb
ASQue: An Agent Communication Language for Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
S.N.I. Mount, R.M. Newman, S.R. Lakin, R.J. Low, E.I. Gaura
(Room I-105)
Coffee Break
Keynote Speech VI
Chair: Ivica Crnkovic
UML and Components for System Modelling
François Terrier
Keynote Speech VII
Chair: K. Kuchcinski
Networks on Chip
Hannu Tenhunen
CBSE Session VI — Emerging Technologies
Chair: Sylvia Ilieva
(Room B004)
Patterns and Component-Oriented System Development
John Hutchinson, Gerald Kotonya
The Audition Framework for Testing Web Services Interoperability
Andrea Polini, Antonia Bertolino
Distribution of a Hierarchical Component in a Non-Connected Environment
Didier Hoareau, Yves Maheo
SPPI Session VI — Process Improvement
Chair: Walter Dürr
(Room B005)
Encouraging Self-Organization: Reflections on a Quality Improvement Workshop
Ramler Rudolf, Dagmar Auer
An Outline of an Emergency Maintenance Process Model
Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Per Winther, Brian Vang, Anne Petersen
Work in Progress I
(Room B006)
Towards a Software Component Quality Model
Alexandre Álvaro, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Sílvio Romero de Lemos Meira
A Comparison of SPA Methods
Alberto Sampaio, Edwin M. Gray, Fernando M. Martins
ProjectIT-Time: Integrated Management, Evaluation and Measurement of Information Systems Projects
Paula Ventura Martins, Alberto Rodrigues da Silva
Towards a Model-Driven Reuse Process
Daniel Lucrédio, Renata P. M. Fortes, Alexandre Álvaro, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Sílvio R. L. Meira
Towards Code Layout Improvement Through Dynamic Basic-Block Motion
Ricardo Gonçalves Quintão, Valmir C. Barbosa, Edil S. T. Fernandes
Linearization of the Logic Functions Defined in SOP Form
Osnat Keren, Ilya Levin
HTracer: A Dynamic Instruction Stream Research Tool
Michael Hicks, Colin Egan, Bruce Christianson, Patrick Quick
Using Event Logs in System Dependability Evaluation
Janusz Sosnowski, M. Poleszak
Fail-Safe System Architectures
Radek Dobias, Hana Kubatova
(Room I-105)
Coffee Break
CBSE & SPPI Session VII — Component Development Process
Chair: Raul Vidal
(Room B004)
A Hybrid Component-Based System Development Process
Egon Teiniker, Gernot Schmoelzer, Christian Kreiner, Joerg Faschingbaue
How Agile COTS Selection Methods are (and can be)?
Xavier Franch, Fredy Navarrete, Botella Pere
Visual Assessment Techniques for Component-Based Framework Evolution
Lucian Voinea
Work in Progress II
(Room B006)
NSI: a Component Model for Legacy Software in Consumer Electronics
Valentine Ogier-Galland, Cédric Hombourger
An Embedded Implementation of the Microsoft Common Language Infrastructure
Joey C. Libby, Kenneth Kent
Monitoring the Ocean Environment with Large-Area Wireless Sensor Networks
Frank Reichenbach, Matthias Handy, Dirk Timmermann